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The Talk: A Caring and Confident Approach to Telling the Kids about Your Plan to Separate or Divorce™

Sharing the news with your children that you and their other parent are divorcing, moving into two homes, and living separately can create great angst and worry. What to say? What not to say?.

As parents, you want to protect your children from harm, yet you know that giving them this news is going to be painful. How do you respond to their feelings, or their questions?

You might have lots of questions about how to handle this important conversation well and minimize harm to your children. And, there’s no trial runs or practice talks. There’s really only the one opportunity to have this important first talk about the divorce with your children. Parents feel that pressure. I know you want to do your best in having this important talk with your children.

The words you choose will set a framework for how your children view the divorce, what they remember about it, and will set a tone for them about how you and their other parent intend to conduct yourselves through this process. For these reasons, this is a very important step in the divorce process. You want to be prepared, ready to handle your own feelings, and be available to answer your children’s questions and support them.

You certainly want to help your children navigate this change in your family while minimizing their stress and supporting their healthy adjustment.

You need quality information and a plan, so that you’re less stressed out about this talk.

That’s why I created this video series, with tip sheets and a worksheet. So that you can feel confident about how you handle this important conversation with your children. Preparation and quality information can help lower your anxiety.

Your calm leadership will help your children feel secure during this family transition.

Once you have listened to the video series and applied what you’ve learned to your own family situation, using the worksheet included, you will have covered the key messages and information that your children need to hear. You will be ready to set a positive tone about how you, as parents, intend to move forward.

You will be ready to help your children know that your family will ultimately be okay, and that their relationships with each of you as parents will remain secure and protected. With your thoughtful handling of this important conversation, your children can feel reassured that, while their family is reorganizing, their parents remain available to them and will continue to parent them, and they will be alright.

For just $37  – You will receive 60 minutes of video content, in 7 brief segments, plus 4 tips sheets and a worksheet in pdf format.

  • Seven videos including discussions on Guiding Principles and Parent Mindset, Essential Messages to give your children, and Difficult Topics such as when both parents don’t agree on the explanation and affairs
  • Two Tip Sheets reviewing the essential topics and messages for telling your children about divorce
  • One Guiding Principles and Mindset Tip Sheet about what parent’s need to keep in mind for this important conversation
  • Divorce Parenting Do’s and Don’ts Tip Sheet
  • Telling Our Children About Divorce Worksheet to create your own unique messages to fit your family based on the video information

With this video series, tip sheets and worksheet, you will be able to:

  • Set a positive and reassuring tone about how you and their other parent intend to handle the divorce
  • Manage your emotions well so that the focus can remain on your children and their needs
  • Make good decisions about where and when to have this talk with your children
  • Create a brief, child-appropriate, non-blaming explanation for why you’re getting a divorce
  • Identify the most important reassuring messages to give your children
  • Structure the conversation and provide specific information your children need to know
  • Be prepared to answer your children’s questions in an age-appropriate way
  • Handle tough topics such as when one parent disagrees with telling children “we decided” to get a divorce and affairs

My goal is to help you feel prepared, confident, and informed, so that you can know that you did your very best for your children in navigating this important conversation.

With this video series, you will have all the information needed to prepare for this conversation with your children. Included in the video series are all of the key recommendations found in a variety of books by experts on co-parenting and children’s adjustment to divorce.

Don’t let this important conversation with your children keep you up at night! Begin the process of helping your children adjust to the divorce from the very beginning….with how you handle giving them the news. Let this video series can help you.