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The Talk: A Caring and Confident Approach to Telling the Kids about Your Plan to Separate or Divorce™

Don’t let this important conversation with your children keep you up at night! Begin the process of helping your children adjust to the divorce from the very beginning….with how you handle giving them the news. Let this video series help you:

  • Set a reassuring tone about how you intend to handle the divorce
  • Manage your emotions so that your focus can remain on your children
  • Make good decisions about where and when to have this talk with your children
  • Create a brief, child-appropriate, non-blaming explanation for the divorce
  • Identify the essential reassuring messages and information to give your children
  • Feel prepared to answer your children’s questions in an age-appropriate way
  • Handle tough topics such as disagreements about what to tell the children and affairs

For just $37  – You will receive 60 minutes of video content, in 7 brief segments, plus 4 tips sheets and a worksheet in pdf format.

Learn more about what you will receive and how this information can help you and your family.

Divorce Meditations for Healing and Growth™

Divorce is one of the most stressful events and challenging times a person can experience. That is why I  created a meditation series specific to this challenging journey in your life. With as little as 10-15 minutes a day, you can connect to a sense of calm and safety.

For $27 –  you get a 40 minute audio mp3 plus three download pdfs handouts that will help you:

  • Promote calm and peace
  • Reduce reactivity
  • Promote self-compassion and understanding
  • Identify core values
  • Set Goals

Learn more about what you will receive and how this meditation can help you.

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The Quick Guide to Co-Parenting After Divorce

If you are going through a divorce or are a divorced single parent, you want good, professional information that can help your family but may not have much time to read it. The Quick Guide to Co-Parenting After Divorce: Three Steps to Your Children’s Healthy Adjustment summarizes essential information regarding divorce adjustment from research, therapy and mediation experts, and Dr. Gabardi’s own clinical and personal experience as psychologist, mediator, and divorced parent to help you learn the most necessary steps for effective parenting with your children’s other parent so your children have the best chance of adjusting well to the divorce.

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Read this brief book in one hour and learn to:
  • Calm your strong feelings
  • Avoid common post-divorce communication and parenting pitfalls
  • Establish a business-like relationship with your children’s other parent
  • Communicate reasonably regarding parenting decisions
  • Have regular discussions about  the details of your children’s lives
  • Coordinate effective and loving parenting practices


DSC_2243_DxOSometimes we all could use a little help; some practical guidance, steps toward building a new skill, things to think about, or reminders of actions to take. Please help yourself to pamphlets on strategies for common life challenges or to some inspirational sayings. I hope that the information you find here helps you as you build personal well-being, resilience during tough times, and healthy, satisfying relationships!