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Free Pamphlets

Flowers001_cr_smallI invite you to take a look at the following informational pamphlets. They are meant as quick guides of helpful tools to manage common personal and interpersonal challenges. Sometimes we could all use reminders of key tips and strategies that work well in situations we find challenging. I hope you find them helpful!

Click on each pamphlet’s title for a print-ready copy.

10 Essentials for Emotional First Aid pocket card – Wallet-size emotion management tip sheet

10 Essentials for Emotional First Aid – One page tip sheet to manage emotions

Soothing Emotion – How to Calm Yourself Before Reacting

Communication Skills – How to Listen Well and Engage in Productive Dialogue

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation – How to Manage Yourself and Navigate Difficult Interactions

Co-Parenting for the Sake of the Kids – How to Get the Job Done Without the Drama

Couples Counseling 101 – Preparing to Use Couples Counseling

Telling Your Children About Divorce  -Tips for Talking to Your Children About Divorce

Co-Parent Coaching Commitments -Important Commitments for Effective and Successful Co-Parenting

Time-Out for Couples – How to De-Escalate When Emotions Run High

Effective Action – How to Make Progress Toward Your Goals