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Fees and Insurance


I am an authorized “in-network” provider for Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I am out of network with all other insurance companies.

Check with your insurance company to determine if you must see a provider listed within your plan to qualify for reimbursement or if you are permitted to see any licensed provider.

 Please also check directly with your insurance company to determine your specific mental health benefits coverage.


Health insurance benefits generally cover/reimburse for the treatment of “medically necessary” conditions.  Such conditions involve diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder.  Not all diagnoses of mental disorder conditions will be covered.  You will need to check with your insurance plan regarding the specifics of your mental health coverage.  Some conditions and/or treatment modalities may not be covered.  Please see Psychotherapy FAQs for further discussion.

As a courtesy, I will bill your insurance company directly. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee coverage by your insurance company for my services.

Counseling Fees

If your insurance company does not reimburse me directly, or does not cover my services to you, I will bill you directly according to the following fee schedule:

Initial interview/Diagnostic Evaluation $225 per hour
Individual psychotherapy/Family therapy/Couples counseling (prorated basis) $170 per 38-48 minute session
$125 per 16-37 minute session

$190 per 49-55 minute session
$225 per hour  All Services

Reports, letters, written, electronic,
and telephone consultations*
 $225 per hour prorated  per 10 minute increment
Litigation related time and court appearances** $300 per hour
(four hours minimum)

*After business hours telephone and/or emergency calls are charged at a rate of $275 prorated per 10 minute increment.

**All litigation fees are to be paid in advance, no less than 7 days before any hearing, trial, or deposition.

Payment Terms

Full payment or your co-payment is expected at the time of service. I accept cash, personal check, credit and debit cards. You are responsible for payment of all services that you receive, whether or not your health insurance pays for a portion of the charges.

Private Insurance

  1. Please check with your insurance company to find out if your policy will cover outpatient evaluation and psychotherapy by a licensed psychologist. Please also check the amount of your deductible and total annual coverage, as well as limitations to your policy. This will assist you in budgeting the expenses for which you will be responsible in your psychotherapy treatment.Release of clinical information regarding your treatment may be required by your insurance carrier, now or in the future, as required for payment, to meet NCQA standards, and/or to review a claim.
  2. I may be able to bill some insurance companies directly when provided with the appropriate billing information. This is done as a convenience to you, but is no guarantee of insurance payment for services. If, for any reason, your insurance company denies payment of your bill (in full or in part), you are responsible for payment of the entire unpaid balance.
  3. Most insurance companies will not pay for telephone calls, after business hours emergency calls, missed appointments, consultations, reports and letters, and/or court involvement.
  4. If you have a managed care health plan, please be sure that Dr. Gabardi is an authorized provider with your plan and obtain any necessary authorizations for services with me. I will discuss issues of payment and limitations to mental health services as are relevant to your plan.  Failure to obtain an authorization required by your insurance may result in the insurance company not reimbursing for the services.
  5. You will receive a monthly statement with your outstanding balance, independent of what is owed from your insurance company. Payment is expected for your portion of the balance within 30 days of receipt of your monthly statement. Failure to pay fees may result in discontinuation of treatment. Please contact me if you are unable to pay the balance due, so that a reasonable payment plan can be negotiated. A 9% service charge will be added to the balance on your account for each month in which no payment is received on your outstanding balance.
  6. Any outstanding balance on your account that is ninety days past due and has no mutually agreed upon payment plan in place will be considered delinquent. Delinquent bills may be handled by an outside agency for collection. Please recognize that information necessary for the collection of payment will be given to this outside agency. Please also be aware that this could negatively affect your credit rating.