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Divorce Services


Divorce Consultation and Coaching
Divorce Mediation Services- Parenting Plans
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  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions and struggling with all of the decisions?
  • Are you wondering how to talk to your children about the divorce? How to help your children adjust to the divorce?
  • Do you want to create a parenting plan that supports your children and works well for everyone?
  • Are you frustrated by unproductive interactions with your children’s other parent or unable to interact at all?
  • Have you chosen a Collaborative Divorce Team to handle your divorce and would like coaching assistance?
  • Do you want some professional guidance and support?

As you begin the divorce process, you may have a variety of questions, concerns, and strong emotions. It can be a time of uncertainty about the future. You might be concerned about the changes confronting you and your family. Time, money, patience, and resolve can be stretched thin. You have many decisions to make and changes ahead.

You deserve professional guidance and support that helps you navigate this challenging time in your life and adjust well. I offer a variety of divorce services to help you peacefully and effectively create a post-divorce life that meets your and your family’s needs. I can help you cope with divorce by learning skills to manage emotions so they don’t drive your decisions, learn calm, respectful ways to communicate and negotiate, carefully explore your options, and creatively problem-solve. These can be challenging, but important tasks. Navigating such tasks, coping with your own feelings, helping your children adjust, and making important decisions for yourself and your family that will affect everyone for years to come can be daunting and deserve your best ability.

I have specific training in the areas of relationships, communication, conflict negotiation, marriage and divorce, as well as mediation and collaborative divorce coaching.  I am also a member of a vertical_cp_taglinegroup of professionals specifically trained in collaborative divorce. You can learn more at,

I also understand divorce from personal experience. It is hard to make important decisions and do what is best for your children when strong feelings cloud your focus. However, with your committed effort and effective guidance and support, healing, cooperation, building your best life, enjoying your children and raising them well is possible!

You can create a divorce process where you take good care of yourself, parent effectively with your children’s other parent, communicate calmly and respectfully, and negotiate your differences. You can put your well-being, your high-road goals, and your precious children at the center of the priorities and the process. You can create a new post-divorce life and thrive. Read on about the various services and resources that can help you make this vision a reality.