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Divorce Mediation Services- Parenting Plans

Mediation is a voluntary process involving a trained third party to assist two individuals to arrive at a mutually agreed upon settlement. When you enter into mediation you retain total and exclusive control over the process and the outcome. Mediation only occurs with the consent of both parties and is a confidential process.

The goal of mediation is to ensure that you have a safe environment and the relevant information necessary to empower you to negotiate a satisfactory outcome.

About Mediation” and “Frequently Asked Questions” include more details regarding the mediation process.

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Service Details

You will be negotiating to create a parenting plan that you believe is best for your family and your children. As parents, mediation allows you, who know your children best, to form a parenting time agreement that fits the needs of your children and your family. Conversely, a court does not know your children and can set an arbitrary plan with less input from you.

My mediation services focus on topics related to parenting time and parenting plans. My style of mediation is to facilitate agreements. I will help you generate your own creative solutions rather than provide you with advice or answers. I do not provide legal advice.

Please review “New Client Forms” and “Fees and Payments Policies” if you are interested in utilizing my mediation services.

Mediation Costs

Mediation typically costs 30-40% of what both parties might spend on a traditional divorce with separate attorneys. Protracted court battles over custody and parenting time encourage more conflict between parents, undermine ongoing successful co-parenting, and risk the well being of your children by exposing them to a high conflict environment. Mediation offers the potential to save you and your family time, money, and emotional turmoil.

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