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Divorce Consultation and Coaching

Divorce consultation can help you understand the emotional, social, financial, familial, and practical aspects and phases of the divorce process. It can help you clarify your personal values and family goals. You can learn techniques to manage strong emotions so those feelings don’t interfere with effective decisions and actions. You can learn skills to manage conflict and prepare for effective negotiation regarding your settlement and parenting agreements. Divorce consultation can also help you find effective ways to work with the other parent, reduce win-lose, high conflict battles, and provide the best parenting to your children .

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  • Divorce Adjustment
  • Preparation for Negotiation/Conflict Management
  • Co-Parenting Consultation
  • Collaborative Divorce Coaching*

Service details and forms can be found at the links below.

*I also am part of a network of attorney, financial and mental health professionals called Portland Collaborative Divorce. We study together and offer a network of legal services to families preferring a non-adversarial approach to divorce.  These professionals are specially trained in non-adversarial settlement and negotiation skills and use a problem-solving approach. You can learn more about Collaborative Divorce and these professionals at and by clicking the logo above.

About Divorce Consultation Services and Fees

New Client Forms

If you would like guidance and support navigating this major life event, assistance developing an effective co-parenting relationship, a collaborative divorce, and/or you want to optimize your and your children’s successful adjustment to divorce, consider divorce consultation and coaching. Find more information about coaching at  What Coaching Is and Is Not.

Call me for more information and to setup an initial consultation.