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2014 05 Lisa HeadshotI am a licensed psychologist with over 25 years experience helping people transform suffering and feeling stuck into strength, action, and attainable goals.

People find their way to counseling or consultation when they are experiencing pain, suffering, and/or stress, when something in their lives isn’t working well for them, and/or their best efforts at solutions toward the problems they face are not working as they hoped. We can all become overwhelmed or discouraged from time to time. Sometimes problems and circumstances can seem too difficult or complicated to change. We all look for relief from suffering, strength to overcome adversity and challenges, and understanding and support as we struggle to improve ourselves, our relationships, and our lives.


That’s where I come in! I help people take action and turn their vision for themselves and their specific goals into realities. I help people evaluate their options, harness their strengths and resources, and identify the first small, do-able actions they can take successfully. Because I believe that consistent, small efforts and actions add up to BIG results, creating the change you want for yourself and your life.

My approach is:

practical – creating specific and actionable goals from your general desires using strategies that are informed by what research tells us works, informed by my years of clinical experience, and creatively tailored to your specific circumstances and temperament.

compassionate – offering understanding, support, and safety to explore feelings, experiment with new perspectives about yourself, others, and your circumstances, and take risks, all as part of the change process. Because when we are understood, safe, and supported, we often can become our best selves and offer this same compassion to ourselves and others.

guidance professional knowledge and experience in a straightforward and down to earth style, with patience and good humor, so that we might build a partnership in working on your goals.

towards the building blocks that help us navigate life effectively and well…..personal well-being, resilience during tough times, and healthy, satisfying relationships.

Because, in the end, we are all doing the best that we can, but sometimes we all still need a little support during our suffering, belief in our strengths and potential, and a little guidance or nudging on our journey….the journey towards balance, strength, confidence, connection and peace.