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How Will You RISE in 2018?

Whether you made resolutions for the new year or not, anyone who dreams, sets goals, or is interested in self-improvement wants to feel the sweet success of achievement. What can help you stick to your commitments and make consistent efforts toward your goals? How can you keep your eye on the prize? Are you clear on how you will RISE to the next level of your evolution?

I like the acronym RISE to remind us of important elements to growing into the person that we aspire to be. Each letter is a reminder of an element for RISE-ing to the next level of what you want for yourself, how you want to be in the world, and who you want to be. Let’s look at what it takes to achieve your RISE up this year.



  • Responsibility for yourself. It’s hard to accept responsibility for the buck stopping with you. No excuses. No one to blame. You will make it happen or you won’t. While uncomfortable to sit with the responsibility for yourself and your life, it is also empowering! YOU have the power within you to achieve the changes you want for yourself. You will or you will not make the small, consistent, day to day changes that add up to the goal you want to achieve.
  • Relationships. The good news is that, while you are responsible for making it happen, you don’t have to go it alone! Up-leveling yourself is made easier with the help of others. This can come in the form of support, professional help, or community. Whey you let some one know your goal or intention, it supports accountability. When you work with a buddy, more or better can come from it. When you reach out in the community you may find others working toward the same goal. When you get professional or expert information, or work with a team, you receive help so you don’t have to do it all yourself, or you find ways to do it faster or easier.


  • Insight. Gain awareness of your hopes, dreams, values, and goals. Is the thing you want to achieve really your heart’s desire? Are you passionate about making the change or achieving the goal? Have you considered what it will take to get there and are you really willing to put in the effort? Can you feel what it will feel like to reap the rewards and the accomplishment tastes really sweet? Without Clarity about what you really want and a strong desire to get there, it will be hard to remain motivated to put in the work.


  • Strength. Body, mind, and spirit. So that you have the resilience and fortitude to keep putting one foot in front of the other, making progress toward your goal. And, picking yourself up and starting again when you’ve had setbacks. Building your fortitude will take discipline, but will feel so good.


  • Execution. You won’t be able to reach new heights and grow without taking the small, consistent steps toward your next level. Change requires practice and consistency. That’s how we learn and how we become accomplished at just about anything.
  • Empathy for yourself and others. Change is hard. Expect setbacks and challenges. It may be hard to get started. Or, you may get stuck or find it hard to stick with it. Beating yourself up about it usually doesn’t help. What may help is being loving and kind to yourself, understanding that change is hard. Loving kindness may help you return to readiness to take the next step. Offer yourself understanding and encouragement to take a next step. If someone else let you down, be understanding of them as well. No one’s perfect. Persist anyway.

These components allow you to get clear about who you are (your values) and what you want (your goals). Insight and clarity can help you know if your goals are aligned with your values and heart’s desire. Knowing you are responsible for taking the steps to get there and that no one else can do it for you is an important step toward growth and ultimately, empowerment. Consistently taking realistic and actionable steps is the engine that builds progress toward the desired outcome. Be kind to yourself and seek support; it’s easier when we don’t go it alone. Work at building mental and physical and spiritual toughness to persist when it gets hard. Then, taste your sweet victory!

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